Luxury Inn Property Management Greece is managing to understand to the fullest extent the real needs of our customers and recognizing the value of time and the resources, offers complete tailor made brokerage services.

Luxury Inn Property Management Greece consists of highly educated human capital with long experience in Real Estate Management & Development. It refers to companies as well as individuals who seek highly value added consulting services for their real estate portfolio.

Luxury Inn Property Management Greece is the “meeting point” of the potential buyer or seller with the professional of Real Estate and Tourism Market.
Luxury Inn Property Management Greece provides to its clients consulting advises regarding the long term leasing property contracts with various low tax jurisdictions usage.

Luxury Inn Property Management Greece is the professional property hunting company in Greece and not only.

Luxury Inn Property Management Greece leverages on Greek legislature regarding visas to non European citizens, hence enables further business activities within the European Union. Based on a specialized portfolio either for buying or renting property and providing holistic services on granting residence permits, it guarantees its customers a unique gate to Europe.

The Immigration and Social Integration Code, contains provisions that facilitate the stay of third-country investors, whose investments are characterized as strategic investments, via the provision of extended stay time limits for the representatives of investment bodies and their partners.

Moreover, it is given the possibility of granting residence permits to third country nationals and to the members of their families, who proceed to the purchase of real estate property in Greece, the value of the one exceeds 250,000 Euro.

“Permanent Residence Permit of the investor.”
1. residence permit for five years, subject to renewal, is granted to  a third country national who:
a) has legally entered the country with any type of visa or legally resides in the country, even if the type of residence permit  that he possesses,  does not permit change of purpose.
b) has  personally the full ownership, possession and peaceful enjoyment of real estate property in Greece. In the case of jointly owned property, worth 250,000 euro, the right of residence is granted only if the owners of the property are spouses with indivisible shares in the property. In all other cases of joint ownership, the right of residence is granted only if the   joint ownership rate of each joint owner is worth 250,000 euro.
c) has the full ownership, possession and peaceful enjoyment of real estate property in Greece via a legal entity, whose shares  are fully owned by him.
d) has concluded an agreement for at least  ten years lease of hotel accommodation or  furnished tourist residences in  tourist accommodation complexes,
e) has concluded  a time sharing agreement, as in force.

2. The minimum value of the real estate property, as well as the contractual consideration of hotel accommodation or tourist residences leases of this Article, is determined at two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euro and must have been paid in full upon the signing of the contract.
3. To third country nationals, real estate property owners, the possibility of leasing that property is granted.
4. The above third-country national may be accompanied by the members of his family to whom,  at their request,  an  individual residence permit is issued,  that expires together with the residence permit of the sponsor.
5. The above permit may be renewed for an equal duration, each time, provided that   the real estate property remains in the ownership and possession of the third-country national or the agreements of paragraph 1 of this remain in force and all other requirements, provided by law, are fulfilled.  Periods of absence from the country shall not disrupt the renewal of the residence permit.
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