Due to the current de-offshorisation policy conditions, more and more companies are thinking about ways to reshape their current business structure or to open new correspondence to modern legal approaches.

Package 1

Registration of a Cyprus company and opening a bank account. Cyprus is a convenient European jurisdiction with a low tax rate of only 12.5%.

Package 2

An individual consultation on CFC legislation. We will comprehensively explain and demonstrate the theory and practice of the law, and find the right solution for you. Prices start at €100 + VAT 19%.

Package 3

Notification to the tax authorities of the relevant European jurisdiction or OECD member state, regarding the participation of foreign companies and on the control of a foreign company. This process is suitable for those who want to declare any tax expenses or those who do not have a particular office location. Eltoma Corporate Services will prepare all the necessary documents on your behalf, fill out the form appropriately, and send a notification to the tax authorities regarding the place of your stay. Cost of unit: €200 + VAT 19%.

Package 4

Immigration services for the management of the company. In order to avoid the recognition of the controlled companies, it is necessary to control and manage the company outside the EU. This requires the individual to play a large role in the management of the company, operating within EU territories other than Cyprus. You can read more about the benefits of living in Cyprus by clicking here. We provide a full range of immigration services, including company registration in migration services, preparation of the filing of all required documentation, assisting in the obtaining of work visas and accompaniment through all stages of the relocation process.

Package 5

Finding sound managerial personnel in Cyprus. The population of Cyprus is currently a little over 800.000, however among this figure there are plenty of highly skilled professionals, top managers, educated in the UK, as well as a large number of specialists in various fields. These individuals can transfer responsibility for management of the company and thereby proving that any management is being conducted outside EU or OECD member countries. The cost for personnel is 100% of the first monthly salary of the selected candidate.

Package 6

Creation of a tangible office in Cyprus. If you decide to take the option of relocating company managers to Cyprus or recruit directly in Cyprus, it will be necessary to have an office in located in Cyprus. The cost of maintaining an office in Cyprus is considerably lower than most European cities. We will select an office and conduct all necessary communications, including obtaining all office furniture, and if required, configure any IT hardware, software, and will do everything to ensure the relocation goes smoothly. The cost of this package may vary. Exact prices are available upon request.

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